Monday, 14 November 2011

I started dated this girl about 9 months ago, a month in she tells me she escorted. I'm in love with her but for some reasons when I look at her all I picture is another dude inside her its horrible and killing me! what do I do?

Most people have a sexual you think this way with women in general (ie picture other 'dudes' inside her) or is her sexual past only an issue because of her job as an escort? I personally don't see why you should view it differently to a girl who has multiple partners that hasn't escorted. It's in her past and she's been very open with you. If you care for her and want to make it work you need to put her past job where it should be - in the past, and move forwards. It's not very nice for her if you are thinking about her with other men when you are having sex with her, because I can guarentee she won't be thinking about her past clients when she's having sex with you - she will be thinking about you.

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Do you consider yourself to be happier now than when you were escorting? Also interested to know how you define happiness, and what you think the key ingredients are to achieving it, from your own experiences. Are sex, money & 'success' key ingredients?

I am generally a very happy person, and when I was escorting yes I was happy with my profession, and I am equally happy now on my exciting journey since I finished escorting. Everyone has different values/desires you can't define one formular that will make everyone happy because everyone is different.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

have you ever had sex so bad that when you were done you thought (or said out loud) "why did i bother?"

yup, but also had some great sex too so it balances out

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Which of Santa's lists would you prefer to be on naughty or nice?

naughty for sure. my mum still makes us stockings. bless :) they're not naughty though we get satsumas, nuts, socks and little toys lol

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