Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Bea Nottingham escort blog - ho ho merry Christmas :)

I just want to wish all my readers and friends a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

People either love or hate Christmas... I am a lover! :)

My mum makes such an effort - bless her. She makes all her own food including the Christmas cake, mince pies, pud, chestnut stuffing, lots of desserts, even the candle decorations she picks fresh holly and ivy and makes them.

We always have a very traditional Christmas. We all have to stir the Christmas pud and make a wish before she cooks it. As we're all dotted about the country it's difficult for her to get everyone to stir it before Christmas. Last year the time we were all going to be together was for lunch at a local pub for my birthday in October, so at the end of our pub meal (there was about 10 of us) in the car park my mum opens the boot, and brings out a box, on which she stands the pud in a mixing bowl, and we all had to stir it and make a wish, much to the amusement of all the passers by! :)))

Santa still comes to our house, even though all 4 of us are grown up now! We get silly little fun things in our stockings along with a satsuma and nuts. It always gives us all a good giggle Christmas morning.

Then we have champagne and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Lunch is usually rather late, 2-3 pm, and after we've eaten we all sit together with coffees and/Baileys and mince pies and Christmas cake and we unwrap presents and admire our own and each others gifts.

After an hour or so its turkey sandwich time! Then it's endless games of trivial pursuit, charades, boggle and all sorts of games :) Charades is my favourite! My mum won the prize for the funniest last year - 'Midsummer Murders', where she went round us all pretending to strangle us, making strange noises and then collapsing and dying herself! She does a bit of acting so she is always very dramatic :)

So for me I love Christmas. People say that it's the kids that make Christmas... not in our house! Well maybe its because we all act like big kids that makes it so much fun!

Please bear with me if you try and contact me over this next week. I am not around today/tomorrow or NYE/day, and I have various things planned with friends and family in between.

Enjoy the festive season and all the best for 2009!

Toodle pip, Bea XXXXX

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bea Nottingham Escort - a wee trip to bonny Scotland!

I have just come back from a wonderful few days in Loch Lomond. My date and I stayed at the fabulous hotel Cameron House. Guys if ever you want to treat a lady this place is highly recommended!

Our room had views over the Loch that were simply breathtaking! The hotel itself although vast has a certain intimacy about it. The decor is dark wood giving it that rustic oldy worldy look, but with modern touches. There's 4 fantastic restaurants. Two of which are at the hotel. The Grill, and the Michelin starred Martin Wishart restaurant. There's also 2 bars on the premises - the Great Scots Bar and the Whisky Bar.

We had a delicious meal at the Grill on our first night and after pre dinner drinks in the Scots Bar, and on our second night we ate an exquisite food from the 'taster menu' in the Martin Wishart restaurant with drinks after in the Whisky bar along with a few games of the card game shit head (one of my favourite card games :)

During the day we went quad biking. The weather was perfect for this as there had been so much rain! It was so much fun. Although we were top to toe in water proofs I still managed to get my face splattered with lots of mud! I love going really fast on quad bikes but also doing the challenging circuits through the woods.

Then we had a quick change and wash before boarding the boat for a champagne cruise down the Loch. The views are stunning and we were so lucky with the weather. The one day we wanted it to be clear of rain, it was :)

I spent the next day in the spa at Carrick, with it's outdoor hot tub and sauna over looking the fantastic views!

A perfect end to a perfect date :) Thanks J for a fun, and both action packed and relaxing couple of days! XXX

Monday, 15 December 2008

Bea Nottingham escort blog - Christmas party!

Here's me with a giggly, sexy Amber ogling my boobies and the gorgeous Miss Dolly! :)

I was in London this weekend for the Captain 69 Christmas party! Kindly organized by BdN... many thanks XXX

There was a bunch of male members and escorts from both this site and the new up and coming Last Page site...

Amber helped me decide on my party outfit of a black basque and black pencil skirt. I have to say all us ladies looked pretty damn hot!

It was great to see some familiar faces and to also put faces to various people I'd chatted to online in forums that I'd not met before. It's a little unnerving at first at these sorts of parties because everyone knows who us ladies are but we don't know which face belongs to which pseudonym for the guys, but once people introduced themselves the evening was relaxed and fun.

Boy what fun we had! As usual with parties there were quite a lot of no shows but the northern birds were out in force. If I can figure out how to get this photo off my phone I'll post it on here! There was my dear fellow northern friends Amber and Dolly Mopp, and I met a lovely lady I hadn't met before Sascha another northerner who is based now in London.

We had a meal and lots of champagne at a secret London venue. I'm sure most people imagine that these are sleazy parties, but it was just a bunch of guys and ladies having a good old knees up with lots of food and drinks and some party games! We finished up at the Carlton Towers for a nightcap ... another champagne cocktail :-)

Amber and I called it a night about 2, and staggered back to our hotel for our beauty sleep.

Toodle pip, Bea XXXX

Bea Nottingham Escort blog - getting in touch, and vetting people

I have to say I'm very fussy with whom I see and speak to. I think the day, time and number of times a person calls, and their message tells me a lot about some ones character. In this business we ladies have to rely a lot on our instincts :)

My phone I always let go to answer machine because I like to hear a person’s voice before I call them back. I don't call everyone back.

Some of the reasons I don’t call people back are…
-I can’t understand the message and/or they say the number too fast
-I delete the message by mistake... ooops it does happen
-I'm only given a certain times to call and it’s not convenient for me to call during those times. As per my site I say the best time to catch me is weekdays between 9 and 5, but I often get people only wanting me to call them back in an evening, and it's not often possible for me to do so, so we never get to speak.
-If people leave me messages but say I can’t call them back and they’ll call me back, we never get to speak.
- They have left me a voice mail in unsociable hours. Between 10pm and 9 am, and messages left on a Sunday.
- They have left me a voice mail but continue to call multiple times throughout the day (this sends the warning bells loud and clear for me to avoid the person!) If it’s not convenient you won’t get answered no matter how many times you call!
- Many people don’t leave their number! What they forget is that if I have a number of missed calls I don’t know which number is for which message. The more information I get in a voicemail the better, aside from the persons phone number I especially want to know in a voicemail if we’ve met before, and a full name. And the only numbers I ever save are those from people that have a confirmed date and/or we've met before. So if you are calling me back and leaving me a voice mail after I've called you back, you need to leave your number again.
- Messages with words like 'services' and 'session' I tend to avoid.
- They've only left me a land line number and I never catch them in. I need a mobile number to confirm a date anyway, so it's best to call and leave a message from a mobile.

As long as there’s at least a weeks notice I think and email is a good first step. I need as much information as possible… nice introduction, a brief bit about the person, then full details of when, where and how long someone wants to meet for, or at least a rough idea.

Once we’ve touched base by email it’s easy then to arrange to speak because we can arrange a mutually convenient time for one of us to call, and it saves us keeping missing each other.

One guy I kept missing by phone, and he kept missing me. In the end we never ended up setting up a date when he was in my area, but if he’d have emailed me we could have arranged things quickly. It transpired after we’d failed to arrange the date, I happened to be looking through my diary and saw that we’d met before, but as he never mentioned this in his voice-mails, I thought it was someone new and that’s why I kept trying to speak to him. As it happened as we had met before I would have been happy to arrange things by text or email.

Repeated calling will never get a response because this tells me, the persons impatient, obsessive and possibly a bit of a control freak. People calling in unsociable hours are inconsiderate.

Of course I may be wrong to generalize, but being an escort we can’t do the researching you guys can on us ladies through our reviews and websites. We have to use other methods to suss out a persons character and decide if we want to get to know the person better by arranging a date.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Bea Nottingham escort blog - Being ill!

Well it's just a little up date to know I am finally on the mend! Usually when I get ill I shut down, and spend a couple of days in bed. I drink lots of fluids, ginger and also lemon with honey, pump up on vitamin C and zinc, and as well as medication I also take Seven Seas mineral tonic. That combined with staying in and keeping warm usually means I have a quick recovery. However this time it has taken much longer to shift this nasty virus.

I really love living on my own but hate it when I am ill when all I really want is a big strong man to look after me! :)

Unfortunately I had to cancel a date on Thursday in London. I felt so bad. I know a lot of girls don't care and some will go out drinking and cancel a date if they have a hang over or something better comes up or they just simply don't feel like going. I never ever do, I'm extremely reliable, but I always worry that people won't believe me when I cancel because I'm ill. I hate letting people down and really beat myself up about it even though there's nothing I can do. In 8 years I have probably made 10 cancellations - averaging just over one a year.

I just think how disappointed the person will be and put a lot of pressure on myself, which I know is silly. At the end of the day there's no point in me going if I am not myself because it doesn't make a good experience for my date, and when you're ill you just want to be tucked up in your own bed and not a hotel bed.

Anyhow I'm pleased it's out the way in time for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be in good health now over Christmas and New Year.

Anyhow I must shoot I have lots to catch up on after being out of action for so long!

Apologies to those who have tried to call and email and haven't yet had a response. I will be returning all my calls and emails today XXXXX

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Bea escort blog... Ill in bed!

Really sorry peeps. I have woken up with a rotten virus and feel absolutely terrible. I have someone bringing me round some supplies from the chemists and I'm going to stay tucked up in bed, so apologies, please bear with me if you are trying to call or email me. As soon as I am back on my feet I'll report on here. I'm back off to bed :( XXXX

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Escort blog - The Good Food Show!

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the good food show! Now food for me is better than sex ;-) haha!

No I am a serious foody and decided that I was going to go to the show with my mum for a day out.

I booked tickets to see the daddy - Gordon Ramsey (naughty boy ;-) and I had been so excited looking forward to watching his cooking demonstration - 'done' :) He joked about his press coverage (which was all he could have done really), and he was as funny and entertaining as expected.

My mum and I were sitting on the end of the seats when he made his entrance and I had to stop myself from having a little pinch of his bum as he came past! Lol Yes he is super sexy!!! I know you guys won't understand but some of you ladies will ;-)

We spent the day tasting different foods and drinking different wines. A day of foraging, what could be better? :) My mum especially enjoyed the whiskey tasting!

We also arranged wine tasting with Olly Smith, who was also like Ramsey quite a character, as was Lesley Waters.

At the hotel after my mum decided to accost Lesley Waters on her way past and tell her how much she enjoyed her demonstration... lovely lady!

That's all for now folks... toodle pip XXXXX

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Escort blog - dirty escort girls!

Well you would all laugh if you could see me now. I look like a little old granny all wrapped up in fluffy pajamas, big socks, my dressing gown with a blanket over my knees and a little heater under my desk! Lol :) Not quite the sexy image you probably have in mind! ha :)

I am feeling this cold and I just want to stay tucked up and warm, maybe hibernate during these cold winter months :)

Well today I want to have a whinge about a couple of things...

Firstly I found a thread online that really bugged me, it was about whether it is safe to go down on a working girl. It made my blood boil!

I think when guys don't give me oral sex it's for one of 3 reasons they either think...

1- I'm paying so I don't have to
2- She's probably dirty and riddled with stds
3- She's so experienced in this sex business and I don't want to make a fool of myself if I get it wrong, so I won't bother trying/ or I don't know how to

Well here's my answers to that load of codswollop!

1- No you don't but I offer a GFE and the more you put into giving me pleasure and making me comfortable the more you will get out of our meet, as believe me, you will reap the benefits ;-) If people can't be bothered with me, then I can't be bothered with them, simple.

2- Generally escorts are cleaner than your average bird that you meet out on the town pulling a different guy when she's pissed, and shagging him without protection. I personally know non escort girls that shag around without using protection. It's very silly indeed!

Ok so when I first started working as an escort, I went to the std clinic and got the all clear. I explained I was going to be escorting so they gave me hepatitis B jabs, and something else I can't remember. They gave me advice on how to be safe. They know that I kiss and offer owo but have sex w. Yes there are risks but they aren't high, and touch wood I've never had a problem. I go every 3 months to get myself checked out and I've always been fine. I hate the way that people assume that every escort is shagging multiple men daily! We are ALL different. I average about 2 dates a week as they are usually dinner dates or overnights. So when I average out the dates I have I know there are hundreds of random women shagging around weekly that are in more danger than I am.

I kid you not once I had a condom split and my client told me a week or so later that he'd caught something off me. I was waiting for my results and when they came I was clear. It transpired that his wife had been shagging someone from her local gym and he'd caught something off her! But obviously he thought he'd caught it from me 'the dirty escort'!

3- I find that often the people that give the best oral sex are the most inexperienced, because they are ever so gentle, and eager to learn. A lot of the time men are too eager and it's not pleasant. It's difficult as all us women are different and like it different ways, so you can't use one set rule with everyone. Personally I like light featherlight strokes, anything more than that is uncomfortable. And if you don't know how to it's simple! Ask! I am more than willing to guide people :)

And my second whinge is kissing... yea I know that you know I don't like slobbery kissing ;-) Well it's true, so why do so many do it?

My dear lady friend who gives me facials had been on one date with a guy she really liked. He's been stalking her with calls ever since as he obviously really liked her, but she didn't want to see him or speak to him because she couldn't bear his kissing. It was all slobbery!

Thing is most women are like her they won't say anything so people think its ok to slobber.

When I kiss someone I don't want a drop of slobber on my face afterwards. It makes me queezy. I don't have a very big mouth so when people are almost eating it off it's hideous, especially when they are combining the kiss with a neck clamp, so I can't get away! Clamping someones head in a lock with your elbow and pulling them towards you is just as bad in my opinion as slobbering, but the two together is a nightmare!

Maybe I should offer a kissing service and teach you lovely gents how to kiss! It all starts with the kiss so once you get that right you're onto a winner! :)

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Escort blog - Girls night in....

Well what fun I had on Friday! Here I am with one of my best friends P :) I went around to hers all bare faced for a girls night in, and found that our good friend Jo wanted some saucy photos taken to send to her man who's birthday it is next week and who's away at the moment.

I self appointed myself as make up artist and did Jo's make up. Kate ended up doing costume, supplying hats feather boas and other props. We then preceded to direct her all thinking we were David Bailey, advising her on provocative poses. We took 500!!! :)

More wine later and we're all done up! P did my make up and Kates. We each took photos of each other, some on our own some together. We had a whale of a time dressing up and trying out various poses. 'Stick your bum out more', 'more nipple', 'put your left leg down', 'hold your tummy in'... I can't remember the last time I had so much fun! We think we might make it a regular thing.

I bet there was a few guys wishing they could have been flies on the wall, or even the photographer. The more wine we had the more naughty we became ;-)

Anyway thought I'd tease you with that little bit of goss!

Toodle pip, Bea XXXXX

Monday, 10 November 2008

Escort blog - Thugs on the road!

I was walking across a road in town Saturday with one of my regular elderly gents (72) who was taking me shopping, when a car ran him over at the lights!

I hadn’t realized but as I waited seeing the red man appear at the lights, he’d started walking across the road, and by the time he’d got to the 3rd car out of 4, the lights had turned to green. The young boy racer in his new mini had decided that although there was an old man in front of his car he was going to put his foot down and knock him over to teach him a lesson. So I watched from the side of the road, horrified as John, my date, was driven into, went across the bonnet of the car (the car was still going forwards), landed in front of the car, before the driver finally decided to stop, as ultimately if he’d gone on any further he’d have killed him!

I do not believe for one second that the guy didn’t see John. When you stop at lights all you do is watch people crossing and you don’t accelerate to move your car forwards without looking through your windscreen. Also the young guy never once said that he didn’t see him, which if you didn’t, you would. Instead he just kept apologising and saying the lights were on green.

In front of the forth row of cars was a taxi, and he stopped too to offer help. John did not want a fuss and would not let me call the police or ambulance – after all he wasn’t supposed to be in Nottingham. How would he explain that one to his wife when he got back to Scotland?

I thought after of a million and one things I should have said and done at that moment. I wished I’d taken the guys registration number, keyed his car, given him more grief, hit him in the face. My main concern was for John though so all I could think about was him, and I was in shock so not really thinking straight. He hobbled across the rest of the road with me guiding him, to my car in the car park. I was bawling my eyes out, and couldn’t stop crying. He kept saying he was fine, but I’m sure he would just say that anyway!

In the car he took off his jacket. There was no hole in his jacket but there was in his shirt and his elbow was bloody. When he rolled his sleeve up I could see his bone as the cut had gone so deep. He would not let me take him to hospital. I was so worried about him, and more so because he wouldn’t get it looked at and I didn't know if he was in shock. I certainly was and it didn't even happen to me!

I walked him back to his car to make sure he got back safely across the roads, and asked him to call me as soon as he got home to let me know he was ok.

As I was with my sister still shopping at 5.30 p.m. he called me to say he was back at home and felt the same as he had when he’d left me.

Thankfully he could actually walk. If the accident had been any more serious and he’d have had to be hospitalized how would he have explained that one to his wife who he was supposed to be picking up from the airport Monday?

I just find it so disturbing and distressing that someone could purposefully knock over an old man! What kind of sick person does that?

Friday, 7 November 2008

Escort blog - Fire Walk...

Last night I did my first fire Walk and it was something that was organized through my Aikido dojo. It was truly amazing and quite extraordinary. I feel invigorated, energized and as though I can do anything in my life that I put my mind to!

We had 2 hours of motivational training before we walked the fire. We learnt about positive thinking, and having a positive attitude and how we carry ourselves and how what we say verbally or tell ourselves in our minds affects our well being.

Being interested in people and psychology I found it incredibly interesting. So many of us tell ourselves that we can't do things over and over again, and create invisible barriers in our minds that stop us achieving our goals, creating negative anchors by repetition.

The more you tell yourself you can't do something, the more you reinforce yourself that you can't.

We learnt how strong the mind is, by imagining holding a lemon, smelling it, feeling it, then cutting the top off it and peeling it. Through doing this most of us actually smelt lemon. Our mind had conjured up the smell! Fascinating.

Once you realize how powerful the mind is you can use it to have a positive impact on your life and change your thinking in a positive way, which in turn will have a positive impact on your life.

I've learnt a lot about this sort of thing at Aikido and it has changed my life for the better.

80 of us walked the fire last night. It was 1200 degrees when we walked but no one felt the heat, and everyone was cheering everyone on. It was liberating. I was literally buzzing afterwards. I strongly recommend people to try it. Obviously professional people come and set the fire up and test it, it's not something you can safely do yourself!

Have a peek at these sites....

On the You tube clip look how much energy the kick boxing guy is using compared the the effortlessness of Aikido!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Escort blog - Cirque De Soleil...

Anybody want to take me? :) I'm a massive fan! I've seen a Alegria and Varekai at the Royal Albert, and now Quidam is coming this January.

If you haven't seen or heard about these shows, they really are fantastic! They combine music, theatre, singing, circus, magic and contortionism in one spectacular show. They're all very unique. If you take a peek at the website you can see what dates it's on, listen to music and see video clips.

I will be offering a special rate to anyone wanting to combine this in a date :)

Toodle pip, Bea XXXXXX

Cirque De Soleil...

Birthday time!

I had a party for my birthday, which I celebrate religiously! :) I don't believe you're ever too old to celebrate birthdays!

It was a pole dancing party, with a select few friends. I've had a pole in my flat for about 2 months now, and I've been learning the art of pole dancing. I hired a pole dancing teacher to come and give us a lesson for an hour and a half. It was great fun! Although the pole did fall down eventually, but thankfully it was at the end of the lesson and no one was hurt!

So why don't I put my age on my escort site?

Thing is most escorts lie about their age so whatever age I say I am people will always assume I'm older, so I don't see the point. I keep updating my site with un-photoshopped accurate and natural photos and that to me is what is important. People can see I look after myself. I am told I look about 5-8 years younger than my actual age, which is good to know, and I do sometimes get asked for ID, which is always nice :)

Someone told me recently that my age was a perfect balance of mind and body - I am old enough to know what I want and young enough to achieve it! Sounds good to me :)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Escort blog - Getting chatted up...

I know that a few of you will be surprised but I rarely get chatted up. Some suggest I am intimidating, which is frustrating because I am very friendly.

I make a real effort when I go out, but then I don’t even get a look in. I have to say I don’t go out ‘on the pull’ but it would be nice to sometimes get chatted up.

I think men forget that us women aren’t as shallow, and assume I only want to meet attractive guys. Yes attractive men will draw my eye, but more often than not I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole as I think many are cocky big heads and I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them…. maybe that’s what guys think of me :-/

For example I went out with my sister the other week (who is absolutely gorgeous but we look nothing a like). She was very drunk but had loads of guys trying to chat her up. I was keeping an eye on her but couldn’t even get a look in. It’s quite disheartening, especially when I make such an effort.

I once chatted to a guy I really liked from my home town that I quite fancied. The first time I met him I was in jeans (as I hadn’t planned to go out) and the second time I was really dressed up, he said he preferred me in jeans… maybe I’m less intimidating in jeans?

Thing is I don’t get out much (how sad does that sound? Lol) so when I do I like to really make the effort. I don’t wear a lot of make up, but I am preened to perfection, and maybe that scares people.

The only guys that have the balls to talk to me are the drunken idiots who are looking for sex, so I turn them down and they move straight onto the next.

I really don’t care what someone looks like, old, young, fat or thin. The only thing someone has to have is personality and character and the ability to make me laugh and not be obviously drunk as that for me is one of the biggest turn offs. Another turn off is someone saying, “are you Bea?” (not appropriate!).

I am not interested in guys that are out on the pull and will make do with any bird, so I have to feel that this isn’t the case if I do get chatted up, and I also have to feel that I am fancied but that I’m seen as more than a sex object - I’m seen as an interesting person. Anyone obviously trying to get into my knickers or who is too full on in my personal space again is a no no. Does that sound too picky?

So guys don’t want to chat me up because they think I might turn them down? Well how about not being so full on and taking the time to read the signs. Don’t be so obvious then you’re not going to get turned down as you haven’t actually ‘tried’ anything, you’ve just engaged in conversation.

So what’s a guy to do?

It’s about picking your moment, if girls are deep in girlie conversation don’t go and plonk yourself down and interrupt. Wait for the right moment like when they go to the bar, or when you see a couple of girls not deep in conversation… you can tell whether conversation is deep or light-hearted from a mile off. If girls are constantly talking and there’s no going up for air then you know it’s deep.

Don’t try and have a full blown conversation in a rowdy noisy club when someone is really enjoying dancing. If a ladies dancing and enjoying herself try to dance near her but don’t get in her personal space. There is nothing more frustrating than when I am dancing to get a guy that you’ve smiled at virtually on top of you putting his busy fingers everywhere. He’ll either get a slap or I’ll just move away. I smile because I am friendly not because I want to jump someone’s bones or fancy them! They see it as a green light, but I can’t win. If I don’t smile I am rude or stuck up, but if I do I must fancy them!? So I have to avoid catching peoples eyes, which I don’t want to do. Trust me if a woman likes you if you’re hovering by she will move towards you if she likes you. But don’t try and chat her up if the music’s loud- dance for a while together and if you’re getting the signs then maybe ask her for a drink?

Once a guy came up to me and said “I just wanted to say you look absolutely beautiful tonight, and I just wanted to let you know that if you want a chat I’ll be sitting right over there.” This was perfect. I was so flattered. I knew he hadn’t been going around the bar saying it to everyone. I think it’s great to let the lady know you are interested then give her some space. As it happens I didn’t go and chat but only because my friend had just split up with her bloke, and I didn’t want to leave her, I wanted to be a supportive friend.

If you are just after a shag and moving from girl to girl then any half decent ladies won’t even give you a look in!

Ok that’s some of my tips for guys… anybody got any for me? I don’t want to have sex with random guys I just want to get chatted up by people who are genuinely interested in me and get to know them. Maybe that’s just old fashioned… well I guess I need an old fashioned guy to woo me then! Lol

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Escort blog - The Girlfriend Experience

I spent Tuesday night deep in conversation with my Mum explaining the famous escort GFE. Yes my Mum and family know I work as an escort. I guess I am extremely lucky to have such supportive open minded parents. You love your children unconditionally right? I didn't use to have a close relationship with my Mum but over the past couple of years we've got closer to the point I'd now consider her one of my best friends.

My family is very normal, working class, but all my parents money they spent on giving the four of us a private education. I was honest from the start when I started working as an escort. Obviously I don't discuss the nitty gritty of my job, but they're not stupid, they know what it involves.

I remember my Mum once asking me when I was taking her down to London, and a guy boarded the train with a huge moustache, she said "What do you do if you have to kiss a guy who has a huge moustache like that?!"

It's never been a taboo subject my Mum, Dad and even Grandparents love hearing about all the exciting places I go on my escort dates.

Tuesday night I took my Mum to see Joseph at the theatre, and after a few drinks back at home, we started talking about my work.

I was explaining the difference between the GFE and the PSE, and how offering the GFE can be extremely difficult because of the level of intimacy and emotions involved. I think sometimes it's difficult for a guy to leave those feelings behind when we part company. I am naturally a very warm, honest and open person and I think sometimes this can be misinterpreted and difficult for guys to get their head around. People buy a fantasy for a short while. It's not like I'm a fake, good actress or con artist, it's just that I genuinely enjoy making people feel good about themselves and it comes naturally to me.

Even new people I meet socially have said that I make them feel good about themselves. So this isn't a persona I 'put on' for work. I don't lie so I'm not someone that will make false compliments, I say what I feel. If I ever compliment guys on my work dates I know they are thinking 'I bet you say that to everyone' or, 'you're only saying that because I'm paying you'. people that think that obviously don't know me very well at all. If I give you a compliment, take it! :)

Anyhow, I'm in fear of rambling so let me wrap this up... I love offering the GFE - for me I couldn't be any other way. Guys don't look too deeply into the GFE take it for what it is, a fun relaxing intimate date giving you a confidence boost and leaving you with an enormous sense of well being XXXX

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Escort blog - My new website...

I almost forgot to say.... welcome to my new website! I hope you like it :)

Its been a total nightmare from start to finish. I see now why they say 'don't mix business with pleasure'. It was a guy I knew briefly socially, that designed it, and my current web-designer put it together. It's caused me so much stress, and distress for the past 5 months I seriously feel in need of a holiday :-/

But it's here now, and I love it! And I want to thank Mick, my current web guy who is an absolute star for finally making this site happen despite the various obstacles and for being very patient with me during my numerous teary phone calls :)

Monday, 29 September 2008

Escort blog - Sunday roasts

I did my second Sunday roast yesterday! I absolutely love cooking and cook all sorts of things. I love to experiment and try and copy meals I've had at the fabulous restaurants I go to, but roasts have never interested me. Firstly you need a real bunch of people to make it really worth while, then if it goes horribly wrong (as there's so many thing to think about and getting the timings right etc) that it's fraught with potential dangers to be a total disaster so I've always avoided it.

My Mum has mastered the art of managing to juggle cooking a roast for 15 people whilst managing to stay composed, socialize whilst the guests have arrived and cooking, without it fazing her. This she assures me is practice, so I guess I've got a loooooog way to go! Lol

I had a work date Saturday night so I managed to make a desert Friday, then prep loads of the food Saturday day. By the time Sunday came and I was back at home I thought I had it all under control until 2 of my friends came and my Mum. They all chipped in and helped, and I realized how much there was left to do!

Half an hour later 2 more friends came and everyone had to wait an hour for the food to be ready. It was those damn roast potatoes not roasting!

As kids we would all take the piss out of our Mum for saying dinner was at one then it not being ready until 3pm, and now I realize how difficult it is.

Anyway it worked, my lamb was lovely and pink (except I didn't have a carving knife, and cerated knives I was told just tear the meat... ooops) the potatoes eventually roasted, and the gravy was pretty damn good if I don't say so myself.

So maybe I should try and do one at least once a month :)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Escort blog - My first post!

Well what to say??? I have finally succumbed to the world of blogging, after lots of nagging from my dear friend, the gorgeous Miss Dolly Mopp. Through my postings I hope to give you an insight to my personality, my deepest thoughts and maybe even my darkest secrets (if you're lucky ;-) . I imagine I'll also be having a moan and getting things off my chest, when the need arises too!

I have to confess I've never been much of a writer. I can talk for England and I am very animated and engaging in person, but I don't feel that my fun, open personality comes across when I write. I sound far too serious sometimes. I hope to change this with a bit of practice, through the art of blogging!

That is all for now folks, and I promise to write very soon with a juicy little tit bit for you, something insightful and interesting, but do bear with me while I get to grips with blogging.

Toodle pip XXX