Monday, 15 December 2008

Bea Nottingham Escort blog - getting in touch, and vetting people

I have to say I'm very fussy with whom I see and speak to. I think the day, time and number of times a person calls, and their message tells me a lot about some ones character. In this business we ladies have to rely a lot on our instincts :)

My phone I always let go to answer machine because I like to hear a person’s voice before I call them back. I don't call everyone back.

Some of the reasons I don’t call people back are…
-I can’t understand the message and/or they say the number too fast
-I delete the message by mistake... ooops it does happen
-I'm only given a certain times to call and it’s not convenient for me to call during those times. As per my site I say the best time to catch me is weekdays between 9 and 5, but I often get people only wanting me to call them back in an evening, and it's not often possible for me to do so, so we never get to speak.
-If people leave me messages but say I can’t call them back and they’ll call me back, we never get to speak.
- They have left me a voice mail in unsociable hours. Between 10pm and 9 am, and messages left on a Sunday.
- They have left me a voice mail but continue to call multiple times throughout the day (this sends the warning bells loud and clear for me to avoid the person!) If it’s not convenient you won’t get answered no matter how many times you call!
- Many people don’t leave their number! What they forget is that if I have a number of missed calls I don’t know which number is for which message. The more information I get in a voicemail the better, aside from the persons phone number I especially want to know in a voicemail if we’ve met before, and a full name. And the only numbers I ever save are those from people that have a confirmed date and/or we've met before. So if you are calling me back and leaving me a voice mail after I've called you back, you need to leave your number again.
- Messages with words like 'services' and 'session' I tend to avoid.
- They've only left me a land line number and I never catch them in. I need a mobile number to confirm a date anyway, so it's best to call and leave a message from a mobile.

As long as there’s at least a weeks notice I think and email is a good first step. I need as much information as possible… nice introduction, a brief bit about the person, then full details of when, where and how long someone wants to meet for, or at least a rough idea.

Once we’ve touched base by email it’s easy then to arrange to speak because we can arrange a mutually convenient time for one of us to call, and it saves us keeping missing each other.

One guy I kept missing by phone, and he kept missing me. In the end we never ended up setting up a date when he was in my area, but if he’d have emailed me we could have arranged things quickly. It transpired after we’d failed to arrange the date, I happened to be looking through my diary and saw that we’d met before, but as he never mentioned this in his voice-mails, I thought it was someone new and that’s why I kept trying to speak to him. As it happened as we had met before I would have been happy to arrange things by text or email.

Repeated calling will never get a response because this tells me, the persons impatient, obsessive and possibly a bit of a control freak. People calling in unsociable hours are inconsiderate.

Of course I may be wrong to generalize, but being an escort we can’t do the researching you guys can on us ladies through our reviews and websites. We have to use other methods to suss out a persons character and decide if we want to get to know the person better by arranging a date.


Dolnor said...

All forms of communication should carry certain expectations for both parties. Even quick rings from friends follow some rules.

The best first attempt should leave the listener with a smile and some thoughts of intrigue about the caller. Whilst giving introductory infomation is vital, a little mystery always leave them interested in more.

Personally, I often fail to follow my own common sense and spill too much too soon. Quiet and thoughtful most of the time sometimes followed by am earnest mouth-that-never-stops-moving if I am passionate on the subject. I forget to pause to take a breath. We all have our peccadillos! -)

The kiss of death is to be labeled a "time waster". UGH! -*(


Anonymous said...

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