Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Bea Nottingham escort blog - ho ho merry Christmas :)

I just want to wish all my readers and friends a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

People either love or hate Christmas... I am a lover! :)

My mum makes such an effort - bless her. She makes all her own food including the Christmas cake, mince pies, pud, chestnut stuffing, lots of desserts, even the candle decorations she picks fresh holly and ivy and makes them.

We always have a very traditional Christmas. We all have to stir the Christmas pud and make a wish before she cooks it. As we're all dotted about the country it's difficult for her to get everyone to stir it before Christmas. Last year the time we were all going to be together was for lunch at a local pub for my birthday in October, so at the end of our pub meal (there was about 10 of us) in the car park my mum opens the boot, and brings out a box, on which she stands the pud in a mixing bowl, and we all had to stir it and make a wish, much to the amusement of all the passers by! :)))

Santa still comes to our house, even though all 4 of us are grown up now! We get silly little fun things in our stockings along with a satsuma and nuts. It always gives us all a good giggle Christmas morning.

Then we have champagne and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Lunch is usually rather late, 2-3 pm, and after we've eaten we all sit together with coffees and/Baileys and mince pies and Christmas cake and we unwrap presents and admire our own and each others gifts.

After an hour or so its turkey sandwich time! Then it's endless games of trivial pursuit, charades, boggle and all sorts of games :) Charades is my favourite! My mum won the prize for the funniest last year - 'Midsummer Murders', where she went round us all pretending to strangle us, making strange noises and then collapsing and dying herself! She does a bit of acting so she is always very dramatic :)

So for me I love Christmas. People say that it's the kids that make Christmas... not in our house! Well maybe its because we all act like big kids that makes it so much fun!

Please bear with me if you try and contact me over this next week. I am not around today/tomorrow or NYE/day, and I have various things planned with friends and family in between.

Enjoy the festive season and all the best for 2009!

Toodle pip, Bea XXXXX

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