Thursday, 8 January 2009

GFE Nottingham Escort Bea - School reunion

I went to my first school reunion last week. I was petrified to go. Unfortunately I haven't kept in touch with anyone I went to school with. I have tried previously but people haven't seemed to want to make an effort and keep in touch, so I haven't bothered since. Until I got a random text from one girl mentioning a New Year gathering for all the people in my year.

I wanted to go but was terrified to go on my own. How silly is that? I work as an escort so I should be confident, independent woman! But I really didn't want to go on my own so I arranged to swing by Eileen's house (who text me) so I could arrive with her.

Deliberating about what to wear, I figured as we were meeting at a bar and it was a Friday night that people would be quite dressed up, so I decided on a dress which looked like a pencil skirt/chiffon blouse.

I was dreading the, 'so what are you doing now?' question. I also suspected I would be one of the only ones without a partner/husband/kids. My friend Nat text me to say 'just say you're independent successful business woman' ... I suppose I am :)

Unfortunately I had confided when I was in touch with one friend a few years ago what I did for a living, and I had a horrible feeling she'd have filled everyone in! I just hoped she hadn't shown everyone my website. I am honest about what I do but I feel very uncomfortable when friends want to see my website so I don't mention it.

It transpired we weren't meeting in town as I'd thought but in a pub on the out skirts of town. It was brightly lit all the way through and I felt extremely over dressed and uncomfortable. I was worried I wouldn't recognize people, but as it turned out there was only one guy who I didn't quite recognize. Two guys were there and there ended up being 10 women. It was very surreal considering that we were all girls the last we were all together.

One girl Karen was in so much shock she couldn't even hardly speak! She was ok after a few drinks :)

I got on really well with everyone and it was interesting to see peoples photos of their kids and hear all about what they have been up to.

There was about 6 of us that lasted the night and fortunately we did go to a club in town in the end, so I didn't feel over dressed.

It seems quite a few people had been told what I was doing, and some were intrigued and keen to ask questions, which I don't mind. I like to educate people about this profession, because I think most people think escort and think Belle De Jour! I like to show them how there's more to it than they think.

Anyhow I did have a great night and I met a few old friends that I definitely want to keep in touch with!

That's all for now folks... XXX

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