Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Escort blog - My new website...

I almost forgot to say.... welcome to my new website! I hope you like it :)

Its been a total nightmare from start to finish. I see now why they say 'don't mix business with pleasure'. It was a guy I knew briefly socially, that designed it, and my current web-designer put it together. It's caused me so much stress, and distress for the past 5 months I seriously feel in need of a holiday :-/

But it's here now, and I love it! And I want to thank Mick, my current web guy who is an absolute star for finally making this site happen despite the various obstacles and for being very patient with me during my numerous teary phone calls :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry for this necro (late) comment to this thread.

I noticed that you have some professional flair on your website front page. Adding a different picture and content on a rotating basis really makes your webpage shine. Not many people pick-up on that technique.

Whilst the website has caused you stress in the past, it looks like it paid off. Kudos to you for not settling for less than you expected and kudos to your webmaster Mick! -)


Dolnor Numbwit
Web Page Designer Newbie

Anonymous said...

I could rate it the Best of all the Escorts Website. Nicely Planned and designed...Congrats