Thursday, 9 October 2008

Escort blog - The Girlfriend Experience

I spent Tuesday night deep in conversation with my Mum explaining the famous escort GFE. Yes my Mum and family know I work as an escort. I guess I am extremely lucky to have such supportive open minded parents. You love your children unconditionally right? I didn't use to have a close relationship with my Mum but over the past couple of years we've got closer to the point I'd now consider her one of my best friends.

My family is very normal, working class, but all my parents money they spent on giving the four of us a private education. I was honest from the start when I started working as an escort. Obviously I don't discuss the nitty gritty of my job, but they're not stupid, they know what it involves.

I remember my Mum once asking me when I was taking her down to London, and a guy boarded the train with a huge moustache, she said "What do you do if you have to kiss a guy who has a huge moustache like that?!"

It's never been a taboo subject my Mum, Dad and even Grandparents love hearing about all the exciting places I go on my escort dates.

Tuesday night I took my Mum to see Joseph at the theatre, and after a few drinks back at home, we started talking about my work.

I was explaining the difference between the GFE and the PSE, and how offering the GFE can be extremely difficult because of the level of intimacy and emotions involved. I think sometimes it's difficult for a guy to leave those feelings behind when we part company. I am naturally a very warm, honest and open person and I think sometimes this can be misinterpreted and difficult for guys to get their head around. People buy a fantasy for a short while. It's not like I'm a fake, good actress or con artist, it's just that I genuinely enjoy making people feel good about themselves and it comes naturally to me.

Even new people I meet socially have said that I make them feel good about themselves. So this isn't a persona I 'put on' for work. I don't lie so I'm not someone that will make false compliments, I say what I feel. If I ever compliment guys on my work dates I know they are thinking 'I bet you say that to everyone' or, 'you're only saying that because I'm paying you'. people that think that obviously don't know me very well at all. If I give you a compliment, take it! :)

Anyhow, I'm in fear of rambling so let me wrap this up... I love offering the GFE - for me I couldn't be any other way. Guys don't look too deeply into the GFE take it for what it is, a fun relaxing intimate date giving you a confidence boost and leaving you with an enormous sense of well being XXXX

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SirNoldor said...

I would take a GFE as a '4th date' scenario. We've gone past the 'meet & greet' stage and the second date where we would have found out if we were really compatible to date more often. The third date where we are more relaxed and it isn't alcohol-induced attraction.

So we would be more confortable with each other, expressing and enjoying each other. Nothing is written in stone but we would enjoy each others' company, taking each mystery and each snippet of fun as it is revealed to each other throughout the date.

Enjoy the moments and not worry about tomorrow.

Fantasy aside, I'm sure any time spent with Miss Bea would be exciting, mysterious, engaging, relaxed, thought-provoking, and comfortable all rolled into one experience.

You exude grace, intelligence and beauty. Thank you for sharing your blog with us.


Dolnor Numbwit
Eternal Newbie