Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Escort blog - Cirque De Soleil...

Anybody want to take me? :) I'm a massive fan! I've seen a Alegria and Varekai at the Royal Albert, and now Quidam is coming this January.

If you haven't seen or heard about these shows, they really are fantastic! They combine music, theatre, singing, circus, magic and contortionism in one spectacular show. They're all very unique. If you take a peek at the website you can see what dates it's on, listen to music and see video clips.


I will be offering a special rate to anyone wanting to combine this in a date :)

Toodle pip, Bea XXXXXX


SirNoldor said...



There are other showings in the UK on different dates. Why limit yourself to London. If someone were scheduled to be visiting Biringham in March, would you still want to attend with a client?

Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis here in the States, most of my travel plans have been quashed. -*( Otherwise, I would offer my arm as an FGE (Fine Gentleman Experience) to the show! -)


Dolnor Numbwit
Eternally Young At Heart

SirNoldor said...

For the above message, highlight the entire line and the next empty line below to get the entire URL.

It doesn't show but the rest of the link is hiding behind the "Leave your comment" box.

The blog program treats those links as continous words and will not wrap the letters to another line.

The first link lists the shows appearing in all of the UK.

The second link shows the options to buy the tickets, for the London showings, through the service or click another link to buy tickets directly from Albert Hall website.

Hope this helps everyone.

Dolnor Numbwit
Mr. Linkman
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Peterson said...

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