Monday, 29 September 2008

Escort blog - Sunday roasts

I did my second Sunday roast yesterday! I absolutely love cooking and cook all sorts of things. I love to experiment and try and copy meals I've had at the fabulous restaurants I go to, but roasts have never interested me. Firstly you need a real bunch of people to make it really worth while, then if it goes horribly wrong (as there's so many thing to think about and getting the timings right etc) that it's fraught with potential dangers to be a total disaster so I've always avoided it.

My Mum has mastered the art of managing to juggle cooking a roast for 15 people whilst managing to stay composed, socialize whilst the guests have arrived and cooking, without it fazing her. This she assures me is practice, so I guess I've got a loooooog way to go! Lol

I had a work date Saturday night so I managed to make a desert Friday, then prep loads of the food Saturday day. By the time Sunday came and I was back at home I thought I had it all under control until 2 of my friends came and my Mum. They all chipped in and helped, and I realized how much there was left to do!

Half an hour later 2 more friends came and everyone had to wait an hour for the food to be ready. It was those damn roast potatoes not roasting!

As kids we would all take the piss out of our Mum for saying dinner was at one then it not being ready until 3pm, and now I realize how difficult it is.

Anyway it worked, my lamb was lovely and pink (except I didn't have a carving knife, and cerated knives I was told just tear the meat... ooops) the potatoes eventually roasted, and the gravy was pretty damn good if I don't say so myself.

So maybe I should try and do one at least once a month :)

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