Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Escort blog - dirty escort girls!

Well you would all laugh if you could see me now. I look like a little old granny all wrapped up in fluffy pajamas, big socks, my dressing gown with a blanket over my knees and a little heater under my desk! Lol :) Not quite the sexy image you probably have in mind! ha :)

I am feeling this cold and I just want to stay tucked up and warm, maybe hibernate during these cold winter months :)

Well today I want to have a whinge about a couple of things...

Firstly I found a thread online that really bugged me, it was about whether it is safe to go down on a working girl. It made my blood boil!

I think when guys don't give me oral sex it's for one of 3 reasons they either think...

1- I'm paying so I don't have to
2- She's probably dirty and riddled with stds
3- She's so experienced in this sex business and I don't want to make a fool of myself if I get it wrong, so I won't bother trying/ or I don't know how to

Well here's my answers to that load of codswollop!

1- No you don't but I offer a GFE and the more you put into giving me pleasure and making me comfortable the more you will get out of our meet, as believe me, you will reap the benefits ;-) If people can't be bothered with me, then I can't be bothered with them, simple.

2- Generally escorts are cleaner than your average bird that you meet out on the town pulling a different guy when she's pissed, and shagging him without protection. I personally know non escort girls that shag around without using protection. It's very silly indeed!

Ok so when I first started working as an escort, I went to the std clinic and got the all clear. I explained I was going to be escorting so they gave me hepatitis B jabs, and something else I can't remember. They gave me advice on how to be safe. They know that I kiss and offer owo but have sex w. Yes there are risks but they aren't high, and touch wood I've never had a problem. I go every 3 months to get myself checked out and I've always been fine. I hate the way that people assume that every escort is shagging multiple men daily! We are ALL different. I average about 2 dates a week as they are usually dinner dates or overnights. So when I average out the dates I have I know there are hundreds of random women shagging around weekly that are in more danger than I am.

I kid you not once I had a condom split and my client told me a week or so later that he'd caught something off me. I was waiting for my results and when they came I was clear. It transpired that his wife had been shagging someone from her local gym and he'd caught something off her! But obviously he thought he'd caught it from me 'the dirty escort'!

3- I find that often the people that give the best oral sex are the most inexperienced, because they are ever so gentle, and eager to learn. A lot of the time men are too eager and it's not pleasant. It's difficult as all us women are different and like it different ways, so you can't use one set rule with everyone. Personally I like light featherlight strokes, anything more than that is uncomfortable. And if you don't know how to it's simple! Ask! I am more than willing to guide people :)

And my second whinge is kissing... yea I know that you know I don't like slobbery kissing ;-) Well it's true, so why do so many do it?

My dear lady friend who gives me facials had been on one date with a guy she really liked. He's been stalking her with calls ever since as he obviously really liked her, but she didn't want to see him or speak to him because she couldn't bear his kissing. It was all slobbery!

Thing is most women are like her they won't say anything so people think its ok to slobber.

When I kiss someone I don't want a drop of slobber on my face afterwards. It makes me queezy. I don't have a very big mouth so when people are almost eating it off it's hideous, especially when they are combining the kiss with a neck clamp, so I can't get away! Clamping someones head in a lock with your elbow and pulling them towards you is just as bad in my opinion as slobbering, but the two together is a nightmare!

Maybe I should offer a kissing service and teach you lovely gents how to kiss! It all starts with the kiss so once you get that right you're onto a winner! :)


SirNoldor said...

Kissing is an art. Knowing how to kiss in any situation takes observing how the kissee is reacting. Always start light and adjust to what your partners' reactions.

The approach before the kiss is like fore-play before sex. It sets the mood and enhances the experience for both people.

As for men not wanting to go down on women... Many boys are selfish and only want to be the receiver, especially if they are paying for it (date, girlfriend, or escort). Men know that if you can get a woman's "motor running", the rest of the night will be a very enjoyable ride! -)

Respect and sharing is what sex is all about. Some people never learn that fact.


Dolnor Numbwit
Eternally Learning About Life

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