Sunday, 16 November 2008

Escort blog - Girls night in....

Well what fun I had on Friday! Here I am with one of my best friends P :) I went around to hers all bare faced for a girls night in, and found that our good friend Jo wanted some saucy photos taken to send to her man who's birthday it is next week and who's away at the moment.

I self appointed myself as make up artist and did Jo's make up. Kate ended up doing costume, supplying hats feather boas and other props. We then preceded to direct her all thinking we were David Bailey, advising her on provocative poses. We took 500!!! :)

More wine later and we're all done up! P did my make up and Kates. We each took photos of each other, some on our own some together. We had a whale of a time dressing up and trying out various poses. 'Stick your bum out more', 'more nipple', 'put your left leg down', 'hold your tummy in'... I can't remember the last time I had so much fun! We think we might make it a regular thing.

I bet there was a few guys wishing they could have been flies on the wall, or even the photographer. The more wine we had the more naughty we became ;-)

Anyway thought I'd tease you with that little bit of goss!

Toodle pip, Bea XXXXX


crista said...

Really loved reading your blog took me ages but has been a great Sunday read.
I've been updating my blog roll. If you wish to add me feel free its:



Bea said...

I've added you Crista. Thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad you're enjoying reading my blog XXXX