Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Its that time of year again... Big Brother...

Reality TV - well you're either a lover or a hater, and I'm a lover :) I'm fascinated with people and I'm interested how human beings interact and adapt to certain situations out of their comfort zone.

When you think of it humans are the most advanced and populated mammal in the world so we should all have a keen interest in the human race and you can really learn from peoples personalities. The fame hungry types that will 'do anything for money' I find interesting. Those of you haters will be thinking 'what a load of codswollop!' :))))

I think to enjoy these sorts of programmes you really need to be a 'people person' and have a certain amount of interest in psychology, which I do.

Here are my top reality programmes in no particular order ...

Wife Swap - whoever thought of this is a genius. They pair the couples perfectly!

Super Nanny - I love watching the children change and learn about respect. Jo is amazing.

The Apprentice - cut throat business and back stabbing everyone treading over whoever they need to to stay in the game. Fascinating!

Big Brother - every year I lose a little bit of interest as the producers try harder and harder to mess people up. Halfwit and Dogface... whatever next?! But I still watch it :) It's like a little experiment with caged mice!

Britain/America's got Talent - aside from all the rubbish (which always makes for good TV :) there are some very talented people on these shows, and of course there's sexy Simon! :)

Come Dine With me - cooking for a bunch of strangers, who could have known such a programme would be so enthralling?!

I'm a celebrity Get me out of Here - I respect anyone who goes on this programme, because I really couldn't eat the things they eat and do the things they do for any amount of money!

Hells Kitchen - Marco so mysterious when he tries to be all cryptic but very funny :)

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares - Ramsey is a joy to watch for me :) He's got sexier as he's gotten older. I admire all the celebrities that tell it like it is, as I am pretty much that sort of person myself.

You are What you eat - very educational and very much needed with the rise in obesity. People are too lazy nowadays!

10 years younger - the way this programme changes peoples lives is just fantastic!

PS before any of you think me too much of a saddo let me add - I am not so obsessed with these programmes that I stay in especially to watch them or record them if I miss them, but if I'm in and they're on, I'm watching :)


SirNoldor said...

You had me worried there for a bit Bea until that last comment...that was close! ¦Þ

[blather on]
I don't watch tv programmes that show the back-stabbing, plotting, cheating, power-grabbing side of people. I see enough of that in Real Life.

Like you, I can get into the cooking shows. It is fun (and a mess) trying those recipes at home on the weekends.

We have an online free service here called, which unfortunately blocks access outside the USA. There are other world-wide services just like it. They air all of Ramsey's shows including really old ones. While I like his tell-it-like-it-is-and-maybe-they-will-wake-up approach, his constant swearing tends to wear a bit thin after a while. And I love seeing how his insights help others succeed.
[blather off]

Toodles, (yea, been using it for ages)

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