Thursday, 31 March 2011

Just found out my girlfriend is an escort, she hid this from me so I've dumped her I can't even stomach looking at her and never will. Just waiting for the HIV test now yay. So what do you think of women who escort and try and date at the same time?

Please don't worry about the HIV test. Escorts are some of the cleanest ladies around. I am confident you will be fine. I never had an std in 9 years working as an escort. I was honest with all of my boyfriends. I had 3 long term relationships. I think any sort of deceit is wrong and I'm sorry that she did it behind your back. In her defence I can only say that she may have deeply cared for you/loved you, and didn't want to lose you, so she kept it a secret. Not the right thing to do,but the longer you leave a secret/lie then the harder it is to tell the truth. I can completely understand that men don't want to date escorts, but it is a job, and nothing more than that. It does take a special sort of guy to date an escort, and that's no disrespect to those that wouldn't. Why don't you have a read of my book The Girlfriend Experience? I think it will help you understand why women chose this profession. I know of many escorts that are married and in relationships and their men are fully aware and accept what they do. One of my ex'es said he could never go out with an escort, then after hanging out with him for a couple of weeks, he got to know me as a person, I spoke about my work and explained to him that people got my body but not 'me'. For me to be inimate with someone and genuinely enjoy it, there needs to be an emotional connection. Eventually he understood that. Our intimacy time was special and I cherished it. o in the end he didn't judge me by my work, and ended up saying he could easily fall in love with me, and we did fall in love.

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