Sunday, 7 August 2011

you've been going out with someone for a short amount of time you like each other, but haven't had sex yet... every time you suggest dinner, a pub or music club to get to know her better, she suggests going dancing or partying... what to do?

is there equal physical attraction on both sides? How far have you gone with each other? are you sure that your intentions are clear and she's not thinking of you as a 'friend'?

There are some girls that abuse the generosity of guys that they know fancy them and will string them along when it suits them. If they need lifts, someone to hang out with, someone to take them out for drinks/food etc... Be careful that this isn't your situation.

She's calling the shots and you're doing whatever she wants to do - she sounds a bit selfish to me. Read my blog post about being the leader... and turn the tables, don't agree to go where she wants to go. You need to be assertive and pull back the reins.

Women/people in general don't respect people who are pushovers. You have a right to do things you want to do, and if she doesn't want to do them, find someone else. You will know if she is abusing your generosity if she refuses to do the things you want to do. It could just be that she's a party girl and that's who she is, so you either accept her for that or move on. Are you driving her to these parties? If so go back to my earlier comment above!

Also I think you will find this post relevant/interesting, as it lays out what women want...

I hope this helps :)

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