Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My theory is that she offloads all of her guilt on to me and she uses me to give her a alibi, when in fact she's meeting up with her lover! I'm friends with her foremost but I don't want to get caught up in her lies. Should I subtly end our friendship?

if you still want to be friends tell her you are no longer going to be her alibi, will not cover for her and you don't want to hear anything about her cheating or problems with her husband - however from what you have said she sounds quite selfish, so maybe ending subtly would be best. you don't want her to drag you down with her problems because from what you have said it seems like a one way friendship

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I've recently joined a dating website and stated I want a relationship but responses from men are clearly after 1 thing!I've been on 2 dates and their profile/pictures looked great but in real life nothing like their profiles. Where an I going wrong?!

let me guess... plenty of fish? are you paying? if you don't pay for dating sites then you won't have any serious people looking to date... that goes for the free option on match too. have you tried ?

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A work colleague whom I also socialise with outside of work has confided in me that she's having an affair. She blames her husbands lack of interest in her for the reason why. Her husband is a good friend of mine.should I tell him or keep my mouth shut?!

sounds like she wants you to tell him! why on earth would she tell you if she knows you're friends with him? Hmmm, difficult one. these things can end up back firing and you can be painted as the bad guy. I'd tread carefully. are you closer to him or her?

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Hi Rebecca. Do you relationship advice for girls as well as guys? I often get my female friends asking me for advice and at times I really struggle what to tell them!

having worked prodominently with men for about 13 years I know lot about them, so yes I can certainly advise women. what sort of questions do you get asked?

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Do you miss the 'buzz' of being an escort, and having sex on a regular basis? I guess if you are happy within yourself, you don't really need the 'buzz' or constant sex. Has it taken a while for you to adjust in how you relate to people?

I didn't get a buzz from the sex but the lifestyle gave me a buzz, and yes sometimes I miss that. I went without sex for a year and half when i finished escorting. I enjoy sex very much, but I wanted to prove to myself that i could go without. I don't get enjoyement from one night stands there has to be a deeper connection there.

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when you get negative comments or "hate" from someone, do you find it easier to easier to brush away comments that come from men or women?

haters are haters male or female makes no difference, I don't let them bother me, haters make me stronger :)

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Guys send me your dating/relationship/women questions for top advice from your Uk dating coach

many dating sites prohibit users from posting information like e-mail addressed and in some cases even real names. if you've joined a site but don't want to pay to be a long-term, or even short term, subscriber, do you advocate trying to skirt this rule?

no I don't advise skirting this rule, it's there for a reason - to protect people. There's lots of weirdos out there.

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You said that being an ex-escort puts men off. Personally, I've only ever had sex with prostitutes, so a prostitute girlfriend or wife would be perfect for me. Don't give up, there must be loads of men who like prostitutes so much, they want to marry one.

I'm very happy and content as I am. many friends that I had in the biz were married or had partners that were supportive of their job. I no longer escort and have a number of exciting projects on the go. Everyone has a past and skeletons in the closet, it's just mine are in the open :)

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