Tuesday, 24 February 2009

GFE Bea Nottingham escort blog - walking disaster!

We all have the odd off day but mine has lasted for days. Before I get the barrage of dumb blonde jokes ;-) let me say that I am not known for being ditsy in fact quite the opposite, however I haven't been well at all this weekend and I got progressively worse since I had to leave my date Friday night in the middle of a beautiful Michelin meal. Sacre bleu! A travesty!

My weekend got progressively worse from that initial disaster, even though I was feeling a little better when I got up Saturday I managed to spill Night Nurse on all my bedding, my throw, duvet, duvet cover and the cover to my water bed, so I had to take it all the the dry cleaners Saturday morning, in the process I lost my mobile phone and went to Cambridge without it.

Things come in three's ... right? So after those 3 disasters I was sure I'd have had my quota for a long time, but it seems not....

Thankfully I took my phone numbers with me, and on the way back I found my phone where I thought my keys were (in the zip compartment of my wash bag!!!???) but couldn't find my keys (house and car) and teary eyed made a number of calls at Nottingham train station to try and find a neighbour in. None were! I didn't fancy calling the bell of any random flats in the distressed state I was in. I just wanted to get in to bed as I was ill but your own bed doesn't quite have the same appeal when you're in a sleeping bag!

Fortunately I found a friend in went to his house. I called to reactivate my phone whilst he kindly called a locksmith, and he waited with me until I found a neighbour that could let us and the locksmith in. One and a half hours later and £225 I had access to my flat and new keys.

My neighbour had had one of my spare keys for years and I took it back from her the other week when I had joiners in, and on my list of 'things to do' was to drop my spare key back to her!

My friend took me out to get a Macdonalds as I had no food in (I nearly forgot my fob for the apartments. I had a spare in my flat so I almost got locked out again!) and had I been well enough I had planned to go out for lunch. The Macdonalds Happy Meal box wasn't secured properly and most of my chips ended up on the pavement!

Then later that evening I misplaced the fob, my brain was just not working at all, and I had to trouble my neighbours again to borrow one.

I went to bed feeling really unwell, but had to go to the solicitors Monday so I couldn't lie in. With no spare car keys I spent over £50 on taxis to and from the solicitors and whist the cab waited for me to collect my bedding and get some food in. I felt absolutely horrendous! I simply don't have time to be ill this week, I've so much to organize before I go away Thursday on my photo shoot. It's sods law isn't it!

I'm feeling a little better today thankfully :)

My phone has a delay on being cancelled and I'm waiting for it to be properly reactivated, so please bear with me if you're trying to reach me. At the moment I can't call out but my answer machine is on.

My keys have arrived this morning from Cambridge so thank goodness I didn't have to pay another £200 for someone to break into my car! Now that really has booted me up the arse to get a spare car key cut and a few more house keys!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It happens once in life time. You feel and experience that whole world is against you and whatever you do go haywire. But not to worry may this the end of the bad phase and the beginning of a Happy times ahead. Stay Positive and Keep Smiling

Dollymopp said...

Poor you! Hope your holiday is stress free and you come back all relaxed and ready to rock. xxx Dolly

XXX Trumps said...

What a nightmare, it always happens when your ill too, you poor thing

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