Friday, 13 February 2009

GFE Nottingham escort blog - Flaky girls

Reet I’m going to have a moan! Why are so many people inconsiderate and unreliable?

When I make plans I stick to them, unless of course something happens that’s unavoidable - but even then if I have put someone else out I’m mortified, apologetic, and want to minimise their inconvenience. I certainly would never expect someone to be out of pocket financially because of me. It seems today a lot of people are selfish and inconsiderate, and I find it extremely frustrating.

In this biz I have just one reliable, close friend, and that’s my dear Amber, many other girls are just flaky.

Amber and I once arranged a girl’s night at mine whilst we were all having dinner before going to a Christmas party. All the girls said they were coming, and in the end it turned out just Amber and me. Not that I’m complaining, it was fun, and we always have a laugh together, but lots of people I find make arrangements and then let you down.

It seems that the reliable, thoughtful people are in the minority!

I’m a firm believer in treating people with the same care and respect you would like for yourself.

Rant over! :)

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