Wednesday, 4 March 2009

GFE Bea Nottingham Escort Blog - Grandad pole dancing!

Yes I know it's not a sexy thought, but it was hilarious! My Grandparents came over yesterday. My mum had picked them up from their Dorset farm on Saturday and they came over for a late lunch yesterday. They're both in their 80's, and were fascinated by my pole. After I did a little demo my Grandad insisted on trying to climb up it, and I did get one photo of him clutching it. Needless to say he didn't quite get both feet off the ground! But what a funny image :) Bless them! "Where did it start this pole dancing?" My Granny asked. She's a bit of a prude, so uncomfortably I replied "Gentlemens clubs" - I thought that sounded less seedy than Lap Dancing clubs! Lol :)

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