Wednesday, 25 March 2009

GFE Bea Nottingham Escort Blog - Off on my jollies

I'm off for some sunshine! Please bear with me if you're trying to reach me. I won't be picking up my voicemails or replying to my emails until my return next week 1st/2nd April.

Right I'm off to pack. Firstly a girls gotta have at the very least 5 pairs of shoes for a 4 night trip... or is that just me? ;-) Then there's beach wear, day wear and evening wear... one of each for every day, so that's 12 outfits, with a couple spare for a bit of choice, then there's a jumper and jacket ... just in case it's cooler... and then there's not forgetting the million and one creams and a sack of make up. I always mean to travel light, but as you can see it never happens! Lol.

If you're lucky I might just treat you all to some holiday snaps when I get back ;-)

Toodle pip! Bea XXXX

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