Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nottingham Escort - Oooo arrrrr; Farm Shop produce...

I have been meaning for ages to start shopping at a farm shop rather than just the supermarket (which I go to like most people for convenience) and when I went to my friends house the other evening for tea I found she had this delicious asparagus that she'd bought in the farm shop, the exact one I had written down the details last week to visit, so the very next day I went to have a nosey at what they had.

They had all the local cheeses and some continental. I especially love the Colsten Basset stilton, and I had to get myself some of that along with some goats cheese, Parmesan and some Somerset brie (obviously not local :). Yes I love cheese can you tell??? hehe.

From the meat counter I bought tonnes of sausages (I'm off to a barbi Sunday) after tasting some delish ones at my friends house. They had them with black pudding, chilli, garlic all sorts of combinations. Also I got a lovely chunk of fillet steak, some chicken, thick cut bacon and ham - all locally produced.

I stocked up on veg and farm eggs. I don't care how free range they are in the supermarket they never taste as good as fresh eggs. My mum and dad have chickens and a boiled egg with soldiers with their eggs is unbeatable with supermarket eggs.

I'll be making regular trips to the farm shop now. They even have a bakery. Yes it costs more but I think it's definitely worth it!

OOO arrrr anyway I must be getting on. Toodle pip for now XXXXXX

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