Sunday, 31 May 2009

Time to go…

I’ve been escorting now for 9 years and I’ve had some amazing experiences and met some wonderful and interesting people.

I’ll be retiring in a few weeks time to pursue other projects. I have some availability before then so those that would like to meet for one last fling to say good bye and go out with a bang - please contact me to arrange a date.

Lots of love, Bea XXXX
PS, I will be keeping my blog going. I'm addicted now lol :)


Dollymopp said...

Oooer missus! Well I hope that you go on to make your dreams come true. You sure made some dreams come true for others! xxx D

Tom 7591 said...

Well i've certainly enjoyed your company over the last 5 years

You will always be a very special friend

Thanks for all those concert & dinner trips I hope you enjoyed my taste in music

My appetite will be quite empty without you