Monday, 20 July 2009

Amber and Bea turn heads at Nottingham races!

Amber and I had a wonderful day at Nottingham Ladies day. We planned to go quite a few weeks in advance, but I'd been mega busy with various things and hadn't even decided what to wear. Amber is super organised and had arranged all her outfit in plenty of time. A week before I still had nothing to wear when I found out Amber was wearing a hat!!! So I had a mad panic to get an outfit together, complete with hat. I russled up a Cavalli flower print dress that had been hiding in my wardrobe, and then I went on an internet mission to track down hat hire in Nottingham.

I found a lovely lady whose house I went to on the Friday before to look at her collection and thankfully she found me just the hat! It cost me £20 to hire. Bargain!

We both had our barnets done in the morning, and after a long leisurely get ready we went for our pre-races lunch and champgne. The food was delicious and we washed it down with a chilled bottle of rose.

As soon as we arrived at the races we were approached by a photographer wanting to take our photo for a magazine, so we posed with our champagne in the sunshine :)

We bet on most of the races, and won just one race each. Amber and I betting when we are tipsy don't make a good team - remember the chips we left on the table in Vegas? :) Well Amber forgot to check her tickets until she saw me doing it as I put each next bet on, and thank goodness she started checking because she'd won!

Lots of people said we should be in the best dressed competition, but we hovvered around and didn't get noticed by whoever it was that was looking out. How rude! :)

We had such a fun day. It ended up with us sharing a taxi into Nottingham to go to a couple of bars before calling it a night.

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