Monday, 20 July 2009

Grooming tips for single men...

I was inspired by one of my regular single gents to compile this list... and btw no these do not all apply to him! Lol

If you think about what you like for a woman, then just apply the same to yourself for example - if you appreciate the smell of a woman who wears perfume then...
- Make sure YOU are always smelling fresh with aftershave or some sort of fragrance, but not too much! :)

-Keep all facial, nasal and ear hair trimmed.

- Don't think 'I don't have a girlfriend so I don't have the make the effort' because if you think like that you'll never get one! Unfortunately in this world looks do count. You don't have to be the best looking bloke but you do need to look like you look after yourself and take care and pride in your appearance.

- Make sure your hair (if you have it) and glasses (if you wear them) suit your face. If you're not sure, just ask. Go to a proper hairdressers and speak to a stylist, and an optician regarding glasses.

- Clothing is difficult for men, especially single ones. Men tend to go for 'safe' options which make them blend in, and depending on colours you can also make yourself look washed out. If you have greyish hair and pale skin, don't go for greyish clothes and dull browns because they will wash you out even more. Go for colours like light to mid blue or even navy. Noone expects men to be an expert in the field of clothing, but it depends how much you actually want to find a special lady. If you're not having any luck then you should at least make sure that your appearence is sorted before you move onto building confidence etc... because once you look the part, you will start to feel the part, then when you feel it it's easier to act it!

I know men don't like asking for anything but you need to get over it! Lol. Shops like House of Frazer all have personal shoppers available and it's a free service. If you book an appointment they will talk through any clothes you want to buy and help advise you on a new look. Don't say 'no' to everything they pick up. It's good to try things you wouldn't normally try - you will be surprised. Women are so good at shopping because we do ask advice and we do listen to what other people think, so we learn fast what suits us.

Look in mens magazines for ideas or take note of which celebrities styles you like. It's a good starting point if you get a personal shopper to take some ideas with you.

- Look tidy. I hate seeing slightly over weight men with oversized clothing all untucked. This makes you look bigger! The right sized shirt tucked in looks much nicer and will make you look trimmer! Just call me Gok Wan :))) hehe

- Stand up tall don't slouch and walk confidentally. This will be easier if you get yourself a style and you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

- And don't forget the shoes women as you know are obsessed with shoes and we do take note of a mans shoes.

.... I guarentee if you take note of these tips women will start to take notice of you :)


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h said...
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Euphrasie said...

I really enjoyed reading those tips for men; it is so true about the fact that looking after oneself is so much more attractive to others! (maybe because they will look after us too!)
It's really nice to see your blog. Good continuation.