Friday, 27 May 2011

Has escorting put you off seeking a relationship with 'the right person'? i.e. all men have the potential to stray off the beaten path. Do you think men know what love is, and what a relationship means?

I find it sad and patronising that people think the way you do (many men share the same view as you). I don't mean to offend, but it's frustrating. I had relationships when I was escorting, and I will have relationships in the future. No not every man is a cheater, and yes like every other human being I have the capacity to love. It's such a shame that men assume that every woman that has worked as an escort must be missing the ability to love, cherish, and trust a man. Yes some women get damaged working as an escort, but then there's lots of things that damage a person - physical and mental abuse. I kept my head above water whilst I escorted, and have maintained being a very loving and giving person.

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