Friday, 27 May 2011

to the women i am friends with, i'm usually the guy they complain to about their asshole boyfriends when i inevitably hear "why can't i find a guy just like you?" how do i get them to dump their asshole boyfriends and choose me?

women are with a**holes because they choose to be. Not all women want a**holes, but those that do are with them because they make that choice. They wouldn't ever go out with you because you're not the type of guy they like. There are plenty of women, myself included that wouldn't put up with guys being a**holes.

Why not look for the women who like guys that treat them with respect rather than the ones that don't?

Everyone enjoys moaning, especially in the Uk :) but if these women were that unhappy they would leave these guys. I don't have any time or sympathy for people that moan about a situation and do nothing to change it. I want someone with a bit of back bone, someone that won't put up with any cr*p. These women are weak and lack self respect, if they choose to be in a relationship where they are unhappy. Some people just enjoy moaning, and these women are like that - not happy unless they're unhappy :D

Look for women who like good men who respect them and not bad boys :)

You need to look at why you are drawn to those types of women. If I were you, that would be my concern (NOT why the women didn't want you), and look at how you can change yourself to attract the right sort of women. That's my advice, I hope it helps.

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