Sunday, 8 May 2011

When you date now does being an 'ex escort' cause any reservations from your dates & what is the normal reaction from them

I am losing faith in men! Lol. And that's because for some reason as soon as people find out about my past (it's difficult to be discreet now I am promoting a book and new businesses where my past experiences give me expertise) their whole opinion of me changes. I watch it happen in some peoples faces. I don't tell guys on a first date, and try to hold off for at least a couple of dates because I don't want people to judge me.

Recently this year I've been on a few dates, and they have been very disappointing. The people that I have eventually had any sort of intimacy with that know what my past job entailed, don't treat me as a human being, as a lady, or with any sort of respect.

I actually enjoyed fooling around in bed on my escort dates more, and the men respected me more as an escort than the men I meet now I am out of it. How sad is that? Btw... no I'm not tempted to escort again! *in case you were wondering :)*

Guys I date assume that they are entitled to have sex with me, because it was my job, so I must be there for their pleasure/entertainment.

I think some men are intimidated by my past job, but really I am just a normal country bumpkin girl, who's very caring and loving.

When I find the right person they will see past the job I did for ten years, and accept and respect me for the loyal, genuine person I am today.

So I'm going to forget the whole dating thing for now and concentrate on my businesses.

Maybe I'll become a nun ;-p

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