Friday, 27 May 2011

to the women i am friends with, i'm usually the guy they complain to about their asshole boyfriends when i inevitably hear "why can't i find a guy just like you?" how do i get them to dump their asshole boyfriends and choose me?

women are with a**holes because they choose to be. Not all women want a**holes, but those that do are with them because they make that choice. They wouldn't ever go out with you because you're not the type of guy they like. There are plenty of women, myself included that wouldn't put up with guys being a**holes.

Why not look for the women who like guys that treat them with respect rather than the ones that don't?

Everyone enjoys moaning, especially in the Uk :) but if these women were that unhappy they would leave these guys. I don't have any time or sympathy for people that moan about a situation and do nothing to change it. I want someone with a bit of back bone, someone that won't put up with any cr*p. These women are weak and lack self respect, if they choose to be in a relationship where they are unhappy. Some people just enjoy moaning, and these women are like that - not happy unless they're unhappy :D

Look for women who like good men who respect them and not bad boys :)

You need to look at why you are drawn to those types of women. If I were you, that would be my concern (NOT why the women didn't want you), and look at how you can change yourself to attract the right sort of women. That's my advice, I hope it helps.

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You seem very pretty, in more ways than one. From what I have seen and read about you. What are you looking for in a relationship, and how do you meet potentially suitable guys? If your criteria matches my 'profile', I'd like to ask you out on a date.

Thank you for your offer and compliments (I do get asked via social media to meet guys and to go on dates) however it's not something I would ever do. Sorry. The guys I date are people that I meet in my day to day life.

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It is sometimes said that men think about only two things most of the time. Money & sex. But when they get them they always want more. Never satisfied. What do you think the solution is? Could men benefit from thinking more like women?

ooo that's a tough question :/ If we all knew the answer to that I guess there would be no infidelity (from men anyway :) I think the only way to make people realise that greed in any form is distructive is to give them the shock factor, and show them how little some other people have. Ie charity work in third world countries... although i'm not sure how that would work for sex :/ When people get greedy they lose all rationality and sensibility and become selfish, and it's difficult to reach out to people and to get any understanding from them when they are like this.

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Do you practice what you preach, in advising people who are looking for a relationship the best way to go about it? Or do you have your own 'approach'?

My advice about dating is for men, so I learn a lot from the way men approach me, and the men I dated as an escort :) My new date coaching website will be up and running in the next few weeks, so watch this space :)

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Has escorting put you off seeking a relationship with 'the right person'? i.e. all men have the potential to stray off the beaten path. Do you think men know what love is, and what a relationship means?

I find it sad and patronising that people think the way you do (many men share the same view as you). I don't mean to offend, but it's frustrating. I had relationships when I was escorting, and I will have relationships in the future. No not every man is a cheater, and yes like every other human being I have the capacity to love. It's such a shame that men assume that every woman that has worked as an escort must be missing the ability to love, cherish, and trust a man. Yes some women get damaged working as an escort, but then there's lots of things that damage a person - physical and mental abuse. I kept my head above water whilst I escorted, and have maintained being a very loving and giving person.

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Friday, 20 May 2011

With all this talk about celebs, gagging orders & keeping their names out of papers. From your ex client list anybody famous who might be worried now since you've become known in the public eye lol !

Interesting question. I'm sure my ex clients won't be outing me - I'm already 'self' outed, and I wouldn't out them, so I think we're safe :D There was a goverment official that was outed by the papers that I wrote about in my book. Cheeky begger tried to rip me off, but I got my money back and he ended up in jail (nothing to do with me btw lol). One of personal fave stories from my book :) what goes around comes around

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Are you still there? You're not answering my questions, gorgeous.

to be honest I'm bored of talking about sex and penises. Sorry! If you can think of something interesting to ask that isn't about sex and sexual body parts, then I'll happily answer :)

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Friday, 13 May 2011

What makes for the most heavenly cunnilingus?

long, slow, gentle, consistent, light pressure

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As you prefer circumcised, would you have the operation performed on your sons, should you have any?

hell no! thats child abuse. I believe it should be a choice

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Do you prefer that your men be fully shaved? Are you?

no - trimmed

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Please elaborate on why you prefer circumcised. Does it affect the feeling of penetrative sex?

cleaner and smoother. It is only a preference. Out of my long term boys only one was circumcised. No it doesn't affect the feel of penetrative sex

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I was asking in the context of men/woman & agree with your comments. I lost my true soulmate some years ago in this way & there is not a week that goes by without me having some special memories of her. My life was empty without her. But you do move on

yes its a shame when it happens like that. I lost a very special friend when he couldn't deal with the fact we would never be an item. It's sad for both people. I wish you good health and happiness x

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Do you think platonic relaionships really work ?

All my relationships are currently platonic. When you say 'work' what do you mean? I don't understand in what context you are asking. We have a relationship of sorts with family/friends/work colleagues.

If you mean between men and women - they 'work' if both can accept the platonic relationship, however more often than not their is one that fancies the other and if that's not reciprocated, it can be a challenging relationship in the terms of friendship/relationship. I hope this answers your question.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

When you date now does being an 'ex escort' cause any reservations from your dates & what is the normal reaction from them

I am losing faith in men! Lol. And that's because for some reason as soon as people find out about my past (it's difficult to be discreet now I am promoting a book and new businesses where my past experiences give me expertise) their whole opinion of me changes. I watch it happen in some peoples faces. I don't tell guys on a first date, and try to hold off for at least a couple of dates because I don't want people to judge me.

Recently this year I've been on a few dates, and they have been very disappointing. The people that I have eventually had any sort of intimacy with that know what my past job entailed, don't treat me as a human being, as a lady, or with any sort of respect.

I actually enjoyed fooling around in bed on my escort dates more, and the men respected me more as an escort than the men I meet now I am out of it. How sad is that? Btw... no I'm not tempted to escort again! *in case you were wondering :)*

Guys I date assume that they are entitled to have sex with me, because it was my job, so I must be there for their pleasure/entertainment.

I think some men are intimidated by my past job, but really I am just a normal country bumpkin girl, who's very caring and loving.

When I find the right person they will see past the job I did for ten years, and accept and respect me for the loyal, genuine person I am today.

So I'm going to forget the whole dating thing for now and concentrate on my businesses.

Maybe I'll become a nun ;-p

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Do you have any plans. Beyond our business. Or do you focus on what you are doing right now as much as possible. Without any regrets about the past, or worries about the future. ?

Beyond 'our business'?? I'm not sure what that means I'm not in business with anyone. I am focussing on my new businesses and very much enjoying the journey and new challenges. I don't have any regrets, but some worries about my future. Mainly I worry if I will find a guy to settle down with who is open minded and doesn't hold my past against me - someone that sees me for the genuine person I am, and who doesn't define me by my 'escort past'.

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