Sunday, 19 April 2009

Escort blog - Face book!

Goddamn Face book!

I succumbed to Face Book after a lot of friends nagging me. It had always freaked me out for people to know what I am doing, who I am mixing with, where I go on my nights out and putting on photos of me but after assurances of a certain amount of privacy I let a friend talk me into it.

I never post on my wall, and never read peoples random comments, I guess some people have too much time on their hands. I find it bizarre that people write about absolutely everything they've been doing 'Jane's got the hangover from hell' 'Lisa has run out of milk and sent the hubby out on a grocery shop' etc... who cares?

I've tollerated it for a while now, but it freaks me out that people can put photos on me without my consent! Whether I am tagged on them or not is irrelevant, it's an invasion of my privacy, but I suppose that's what face book is all about :( But I have no control over what photos are put on of me, and that's what I don't like. Whether I am on face book or not those photos will still be on there on my friends pages and visible to all their 200 friends!

I was an ugly duckling at school who got bullied for how I looked and I have people putting horrible old school photos on of me (not just of me there's others in them) I know it's not malicious but I don't want to be reminded of those days :(

I found this and thought it was rather funny :)

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