Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Nottingham Escort - Beas radio interview!

Last week I did my first radio interview, and Frances Finn came round to ask me questions about my escorting for her morning show. It was great to get the opportunity to try and educate people, as there are so many people that just try and pigeon hole all escorts as prostitutes and assuming we all offer the same experience/services.

I got the impression she assumed I must be devoid of human emotions and the ability to have a successful meaningful relationship when she tried to compare my having sex during my work dates to her having sex with her husband! That's like comparing one night stands to having sex with a partner/husband! The two aren't comparable in any way shape or form, they are poles apart for obvious reasons. Someone who escorts or has regular one night stands can still have a meaningful, sexual, longterm relationship with the right person unless perhaps they have 'issues' in general with men and relationships. I have neither, I'm just waiting for my Mr Right :)

Anyhoo I found it quite interesting. I am not shallow and love getting to know the people I spend time with on my dates. I am genuinely interested in them so as well as being a good talker, I'm also a good listener. Sex on a date is fun when it's someone new to explore and also when it's a regular who I've built up a relationship of sorts with because we learn what makes each other tick.

The GFE (girlfriend experience) and the companionship side of escorting was something I wanted to speak about and try to educate people about.

It's going to be broadcast tomorrow morning, that's Wednesday the 29th April, but you can listen back on the website.



Anonymous said...

Happen to hear your interview and really liked the things you spoke on which is reality.

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