Saturday, 18 April 2009

GFE Bea Escort Blog - Drinking bark and leaves

Yes it tastes as gross as it sounds!!!

Why would I - I hear you ask?! :)

Friday I went to see a Chinese doctor because of trouble sleeping. I've been a zombie for the past few days.... not good.

After speaking with a friend and him swearing by it I decided I'd try some alternative medicine.

After an hour of acupuncture I was given a bag of 7 bags of leaves and twigs which I was told was 'tea' - bloody expensive tea at £35!!!

I felt like a witch 'hubble bubble toil and trouble' :) as I brewed up and strained and brewed again my pile of leaves etc... it stank out my whole flat and it really is gross. I've yet to see if it works, but I feel better today than I have the past few days. I have to have this potion morning and night.

Anybody ever tried it? Or anything similar? And what do people think about these alternative medicines?

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