Tuesday, 14 April 2009

GFE Bea Nottingham Escort Blog - More concerts...

3 posts in one day!!! You lucky people ;-) Now I really am rambling hehe :)

I do have a very diverse music taste, and I'm sure some of my friends think I'm a bit weird! Lol

Just to give you an example - last week I took my bro to see Kenny Rodgers for his 30th birthday presse. We must have bought the average age down about 20 years! Bless Kenny he must be about 70 now! He hobbled on stage and he was so funny, cracking jokes. He did his classics, Gambler, Lady and of course Islands in the Stream (unfortunately without our dear Dolly) amongst many others. It was great fun. At the end he said he wasn't going to go off and come back on as he didn't want to waste any energy!!! hehe. He said "whats the point you all know that when someone does that they are going to come back on"! So he did about an hour and then went to his beddy bys probably :)

Then this Saturday I was bouncing to some loud dirty bass at the arena for an amazing Prodigy and Dizzee Rascal concert. Wow now that was a very different atmosphere to last week. It was soooo loud my friend and I had to put tissue in our ears (don't tell anyone... we're not too old, honestly :-)! The bass went right through our bodies, absolutely amazing. Dizzee Rascal what a warm up for a Prodigy concert! There was a sea of heads constantly bobbing throughout the whole concert. Prodigy as crazy as ever jumped about in the audience stage dived and did lots of their old stuff "come with me to the dance floor, you and me coz that's what it's for" I loved that classic from my old raving days! Then we had the Firestarter and all their other mad tracks.

You just can't beat live concerts! I'm off with my regular J to see Tina at the O2 next month, and she does one hell of a concert, puts all these young ones to shame. Even she plays for an hour or so longer than Kenny did and they're about the same age!

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